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  • Avoiding spatial planning, it is impossible to finance projects under the SRDF, assures Aliona Babak

    The regional development policy pursued by the Ministry for Communities and Territories Development of Ukraine should be based on the support for the communities on the part of the State on condition that these communities have all the planning documentation necessary to ensure the sustainable development of the territories. The State will not finance projects that do not contain a promising vision of community development, explained Minister of Community and Territorial Development of Ukraine Aliona Babak.

    “We need to change the principles of provision support from the State Regional Development Fund (SRDF). Funding should only take place if the criteria of project feasibility and economy are met. The State will support projects that are truly significant for community development, instead of co-financing petty repairs. In order to receive funding from the SRDF, communities must have general plans for settlements, perspective plans for the development of infrastructure of hub schools, outpatient clinics, CASPs (centres for the administrative services provision), as well as projects for optimization of water and heat supply networks, sanitation systems and more. Without proper planning of territorial development, there will be no support from the SRDF. This is the position that we will introduce in the Government's Action Program, Regional Development Program and the SRDF. That is why I earnestly beseech the regions to understand that this is the only way we can build a strong state, otherwise we will constantly patch holes”, Aliona Babak emphasized.