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  • Arsen Avakov: Electoral fairness is issue of national security
    Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, posted 21 March 2019 09:37

    Minister of Internal Affairs Arsen Avakov is convinced that  elections will be held without violations. But there exists a risk of mass disturbances in case if a losing candidate decides that this is the path to own political protection. Arsen Avakov said in an interview with journalist Dmitriy Gordon.

    "I think we will hold fair elections without violations. There will be a risk when elections are completed. On April 1, it is very important for 37 of the 39 candidates – to behave to act with respect and not to spur citizens for mass riots. Especially if the difference in votes is small. Everyone must understand that one candidate will win. We are ready for everything, but I'm afraid that the losing candidate can think that the best way to the political protection is to organize mass riots. It can jeopardize the situation in the whole the country. Of course, Russia can intervene in such an unstable period at once. Therefore, I react so fiercely to falsification," Arsen Avakov said.

    The Minister placed a special emphasis on the fact that electoral fairness is issue of national security

    "We are standing for honest elections and our message was heard by all participants of the electoral process. I have repeatedly said that it is impossible to ensure fair elections only by police forces without understanding of the society. I am very pleased that when we delivered this message concerning elections on behalf of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, it received support from both those who support us and those who criticize. It inspires us", Arsen Avakov underscored.