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  • Anticorruption court should become the main element of public trust when resolving controversial issues, - Olexandr Saienko
    Service of Minister of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, posted 15 May 2018 20:24

    Reform of a court system plays one of the most important roles in the process of curbing corruption in all branches of authorities and in the civil society, cosniders Minister of the Cabinet of Ministers Olexandr Saienko.

    "I personally and the Government led by Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman as whole are not satisfied with the level of prevention of corruption that exists in our country. The situation will be perfect when a person doesn’t ave to choose whether to bribe UAH 200, 300 or 1000 hryvnias to reduce a queue, to be provided a higher quality of service, as such phenomena are taking place", told the Minister of the Cabinet of Ministers during a meeting dedicated to measures to root out corruption and anti-corruption communication held in the House of Government on May 15.

    According to the Minister, the issue of the effectiveness of the judicial system is crucial here.

    "When we appeal to court as the ultimate authority, we believe that it must adopt the right decision, and that’s how it should be! The main thing is to ensure the citizens realize that the state, the Government, the authorities stand for the society and stand ready to reduce the degree of corruption", stated Olexandr Saienko.

    According to him, in this issue, he sees as vital not just the work of law enforcement agencies, but also the institutional block of reforms implemented by the Government.

    The Minister called as an example of such reforms the introduction of a transparent public procurement system, which has already reduced corruption, the privatization reform, the refreshing of management personnel on the ground, the establishment of new independent supervisory councils.

    "And let’s not forget about the work of the State Fiscal Service. For instance, 2-3 years ago, VAT refunds took a lot of problems: some kind of registers, someone had to be agreed with. Now 97% in VAT refunds are returned within a month, there are no complaints for now. It's a matter of deregulation and e-governance, when a number of acts are canceled, and these days more than 60 services can be obtained online, without going to an official avoiding standing in queues", Olexandr Saienko stressed.

    Summarizing the aforesaid, he highlighted that, in parallel with the reconstruction of the judicial system, the proper network of law enforcement agencies, it is vital to communicate to the public about these things.