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  • U.S. Embassy conducts reception for World We Defend book
    Ministry of Defence of Ukraine, posted 29 August 2018 12:31

    On August 28, the U.S Embassy hosted a reception  for the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine’s recently-published book, World  We Defend.

    Lieutenant General Anatolii Petrenko, Deputy  Minister of Defence of Ukraine for European Integration, Ms. Pam  Tremont, Deputy Chief of Mission, U.S. Embassy, Kyiv, Ukraine, Colonel  Viktoria Kushnir, Press Secretary of Minister of Defence of Ukraine, and  Mr. Michael P. Kleiman, Ministry of Defence of Ukraine Advisor —  Strategic Communications, military media journalists, and embassy  personnel attended the event.

    Lieutenant General Anatolii Petrenko remarked the  first edition War. No Comment focused on the sacrifice and heroism  of Ukraine’s soldiers. The World We Defend photo book is about people  living on the frontline. Both editions give a general review about  events in Donbas.

    The Deputy Minister of Defence of Ukraine also  thanked the representatives of the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine and foreign  advisers from NATO nations and partners for their assistance and  consultative advisory support.

    General Petrenko subsequently presented both books to Ms. Tremont.

    In addition, Colonel Viktoria Kushnir, Press  Secretary of Minister of Defence of Ukraine, expressed her gratitude  to the U.S. Embassy and Ministry of Defence of Ukraine Advisor —  Strategic Communications for this ceremony and their assistance.

    She also stated, “All the photographs in the book  are real and not staged. The authors are both military and civil  journalists. Minister of Defence of Ukraine General of the Army  of Ukraine Stepan Poltorak presented the first books to his colleagues  during the July 2018 NATO Summit in Brussels.”

    Mr. Kleiman mentioned the importance of this  reception as the book included the pictures of real events in the east  of Ukraine, as well as the people — in and out of uniform — who  displayed hospitality, humility, humanity, and heroism.

    Ms. Tremont thanked the representatives of the  Ministry of Defence and General Staff of the Armed Forces and  congratulated again the Ukrainian state on the 27th Anniversary  of Independence and the 100th Anniversary of the revival of the  Ukrainian statehood.

    It is worth mentioning the World We Defend photo  book is the second edition of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine project  aimed at informing the public about heroism of the Ukrainian soldiers  and events in the east of Ukraine.