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  • Ministry of Health establishes close cooperation with Norway
    posted 06 March 2018 17:19

    A meeting of representatives of the Ministry of Healthcare, the Institute of Public Health and rehabilitation specialists from Norway, who first arrived to Ukraine to discuss support for reforms, took place at the Ministry of Healthcare.

    "Norway's longevity and quality of life are among the highest in the world. The health of Norwegian citizens is supported due to the strong, constantly developing healthcare system. For us, this is an example of high standards of care for the citizens, and we will cooperate and introduce Norway's experience for positive changes in Ukraine", said acting Minister of Health Dr. Ulana Suprun.

    In partnership with Norwegian specialists, we will work along a number of directions. In particular, efforts will be focused on training specialists for public health centers in each region, programs for rehabilitation for people with disabilities, the introduction of international standards for psychosocial assistance, education for specialists engaged work with people suffering from posttraumatic syndrome, the study of the impact of environment on the health of population.