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  • Prime Minister: We remember the feat of veterans of overseas wars, their social protection - in the constant focus of the Government
    posted 15 February 2018 14:30

    The Government regards ensuring support and proper social protection for international soldiers, who were at frontline in Afghanistan, and in the times of the establishment of Ukraine's independence were guarding state values and sovereignty as its inescapable obligation. This was stated by Prime Minister of Uraine Volodymyr Groysman in the course of the meeting with Afghan war veterans.

    "We meet to remember those difficult times and remember the fallen... You all came to the aid of the state during the Revolution of Dignity and  during the Russian aggression, I must also say about the volunteer movement (in which international soldiers took an active part). Honor and respect for you are always in my heart," the Head of Government stressed.

    The Prime Minister emphasized the Government has taken certain steps in solving the problems faced by veterans. Among them are the issues of studying in higher and vocational institutions, provision of housing for combatants who got disability and benefits for the families of the fallen.

    The attendees noted the Government did not leave without consideration any issue aired by veterans of overseas wars  at the meeting last year.

    "Veterans of the Afgan war became an integral part of our military history. Ukrainians highly value this experience," Volodymyr Groysman underscored.

    During the meeting the Prime Minister awarded soldiers the honorary certificates with a badge of honour


    On February 15, Ukraine observes the Day of Commemoration of Combatants in the Territories of Other States. The date marks the anniversary of the withdrawal of troops of the Soviet Army from Afghanistan where the war lasted throughout 1979-1989. About 160,000 Ukrainians participated in the Afghan war, 3,380 never returned, 12,000 returned from war maimed. Presently, the veterans of the anti-terror operations and those of the Afghan war join together to solve the problems of rehabilitation of soldiers, their return to peaceful life, to help the families of the heroes killed in ATO.