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  • Vice Prime Minister: Ukraine should implement European creative economy algorithms
    posted 19 October 2017 15:10

    The request for an algorithm aimed to build a creative economy and to develop a creative industry in society and communities is unprecedented. Today, many municipalities that possess resources, opportunities and the most important - desire, want to establish the necessary infrastructure and to develop human potential. Vice Prime Minister/ Minister for Regional Development, Construction, Housing and Utilities of Ukraine Hennadii Zubko issued the said statement at the «Creative Ukraine Forum».

    «The only thing missing in municipalities is the algorithm which is being successfully introduced in London, Berlin and in the European Union. This algorithm enables the EU to attract 8.5 million Europeans in the creative economy, which is more than the whole automotive industry in Europe. Therefore, we are appealing to the EU with a proposal for cooperation with the maximum involvement of European algorithms, which will allow to create the necessary infrastructure, to develop the country as well as the human potential», stressed Hennadii Zubko.

    According to the Vice Prime Minister, there exists a huge demand from local governments for infrastructure creation. «Today we have ambitious projects from the Dnypro, Kyiv and Zhytomyr municipalities, those regions stand ready to establish creative hubs, to implement business education programs, to encourage creative startups, and to attract talented young people. For example, the share of intangible assets of Google, Apple, Facebook with the highest capitalization has already increased to 84%. Thus, we need to have a clear understanding of how to build infrastructure and institutions designed to increase creative potential», underlined the Vice Prime Minister.

    Hennadii Zubko provided a vivid example of a creative project on the development of the Carpathian region, which Transcarpathian, Ivano-Frankivsk, Lviv and Chernivtsi regions are keen on implementing. «A creative hub will be established seeks to generate the best practices and to attract investors to implement the abovementioned projects», he underscored.