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  • Volodymyr Groysman: Creation of unbearable conditions and artificial barriers for business hampers economic growth
    posted 17 August 2017 18:49

    Representatives of regulatory authorities as well as law enforcement agencies by putting pressure on businesses, creating artificial hurdles with connection to power networks or difficulties in allocating land for building construction thereby undermine the economic growth of the country that is determined is one of the key proprieties for the Government. This was announced by Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman in the course of the meeting with business circles of Mykolaiv Region. The Head of Government arrived on a working visit to region on Thursday, August 17.

    «When I meet with entrepreneurs who are saying that they cannot connect to oblenergos (state energy suppliers), they have problemswith the allocation of land, difficulties with our authorities this all contradict logic in terms of economic development. In three days I visited three regions. I am assured that we can build a strong and prosperous state with a robust economy, but this requires a creation of favorable climate as well as normal conditions for the work and development. The Government singled out the development of the economy and the revival of industries as core objectives. I  am as the Prime Minister committed to contribute as much as possible (to achieve these goals) and to solve problems», stressed Volodymyr Groysman.

    The Head of Government accentuated that initial steps towards the revival of business activity in Ukraine have already been made. In particular, the abolishment of hundreds of regulations, the introduction of a transparent VAT refund system, the creation of the UkraineInvest Investment Support Office that will soon open its regional offices in order to help business on the ground. He emphasized that such work would continue.

    «It is of utmost importance (for the authorities) not to cripple the economic development, but to be a driver of changes and transformations. Only last year local budgets have been increased as well as wages were raised. We can promote the development of business and the market and put a halt to the process of destroying the state from the inside. If everyone opposes the lawlessness - imagine what the prevention and response will be. I intend to fight against each hurdle, which hampers the development», the Prime Minister accentuated.

    The Head of Government called on representatives of the authorities, business circles and the Office of the Business Ombudsman to determine the range of problems that exist in the regions, to work out the proposals and, in case of need, to involvet the government structures in resolving the issues.