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  • Volodymyr Groysman congratulated officers of Air Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on professional holiday
    posted 06 August 2017 09:00

    Dear colleagues!


    On behalf of the Government and me personally, I congratulate all servicemen and personnel of Air Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on your professional holiday – the Day of Air Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine!

    Both officers and civilian personnel of military air forces, anti-aircraft missile, radio engineering and other military troops that are part of the Air Forces demonstrate exemplary performance of their military duties and defend the country’s skies. They are actively involved in counteracting Russian-terrorist aggression, protecting the Ukrainian sky and ensuring air support of the ground troops in the area of the anti-terror operation.

    The external security challenges facing our state require the introduction of the fundamental modernization and re-equipment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, in particular the Air Forces. Therefore, the issue of increasing the military potential and the military-technical level of military aviation and air defense is a key requirement for strengthening the defense capability of our country.

    Ukrainian specialists can be fully engaged in the development and production of military aircraft, anti-aircraft weapons and other types of military products due to many years of experience and high scientific and military-technical potential. I am deeply convinced that attraction of investments and participation in international cooperative military development programs will enable the country to strengthen the military-technical and military potential, inter alia its air defense.