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  • Volodymyr Kistion inspects road repair activities in Volyn region
    posted 04 August 2017 15:43

    Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Kistion has arrived on Friday with a working visit to Volyn region. In the framework of the visit he is scheduled to open the modernized road LvivRadekhiv – Lutsk. This road was built in the 1950's and repairs on individual sections of the road have not been made since 2007.

    «The Government is carrying out a major overhaul of the country. A quality repair of roads is one of the major priorities in our work. Transformations are undergoing in the country. Our common goal is to build qualitive roads in Ukraine with an appropriate level of traffic safety», Volodymyr Kistion emphasized.

    The Vice Prime Minister also examined repair activities on the international highway Domanove - Kovel - ChernivtsiTerebleche. A complete overhauling of the said road has not been conducted since 1996. This year, funds obtained from the customs experiment will be allocated to trigger repair activites on the said highway.

    "This road is part of the national transport corridor the Baltic Sea- the Black Sea and moreover, it’s the European route. It connects the Republic of Belarus with Ukraine, as well as regional centers of Chernivtsi, Rivne, Lutsk, links large industrial and administrative centers, crosses a number of principal and regional roads, therefore the Government will closely monitor the repair of this road ", stressed Volodymyr Kistion in the course of the visit.

    The overhaul of the road Ustyluh – Lutsk - Rivne, which is leading to the Ukrainian-Polish border, will be kicked off in June 2018. Funds will be allocated to overhaul road from the Polish loan. The renovation of this road will contribute to the development of the cross-border region, to the enhancement of economic cooperation between Ukraine and Poland and to the improvement of the country’s image as the European state.

    "We are satisfied with the pace of road restoration in Volyn region. The local governance in general, is managed to cope with the set task, inter alia ensuring the safety of traffic on renovated roads." This is a vitally important issue, because this refers to the life of Ukrainian citizens. The road lighting was installed, pedestrian walkways and relevant protections enclosures were made as well as road markings, road signs, warning pillars were also built", underscored Volodymyr Kistion.