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  • Prime Minister: Ukraine joins in the 'GO HIGHWAY' project to develop transport corridor connecting the Baltic and the Black Seas
    posted 31 July 2017 12:04

    Ukraine engages in the development of the transport corridor connecting the Baltic Sea and the Black Sea through participation in the ‘GO (Gdansk-Odessa) Highway’ and reconstructs sections of the speedway from Lviv to Odesa, Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman wrote at his Facebook page.

    "We are about to launch new projects. One of those include the renovated Lviv-Ternopil-Vinnytsia-Odesa-Mykolayiv route, which will become part of the transport corridor between the Polish ports of the Baltic Sea and our ports in the Black Sea, GO HIGHWAY (Gdansk-Odesa)”, the Head of Government stressed, adding that recently adopted amendments to the budget envisage the first installment worth UAH 800 million for the implementation of this project.

    He noted this large-scale project sees its initial stage.

    "In particular, this project stipulates for the reconstruction and overhaul of over 70 kilometers of roadbed connecting Krakovets and Lviv, more than 90 kilometers of Lviv-Ternopil road, about 270 kilometers of Uman-Odessa road, repair and reconstruction of other sections of the highway, reconstruction of Lviv bypass in the north and construction of Ternopil bypass in the east, construction of several dozen new road junctions. All these are aimed to significantly enhance both the traffic capacity and safety", said Volodymyr Groysman.