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  • Memorandum aimed to solve the problem of solid waste treatment signed in Lviv under the mediation of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine
    posted 21 April 2017 11:45

    Lviv regional state administration, Lviv regional council, Lviv municipal council and local authorities of Lviv region, on the territory of which the landfills of solid waste are situated, under the mediation of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine have concluded and signed a special two-year Memorandum of municipal solid waste treatment elaborated to resolve a monthslong problem with accumulation and inability to dispose of household waste. The document inked in Lviv in the presence of Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Kistion will ensure the disposal of waste at landfills and dumps in Lviv region and guarantee financial support for the enterprises and cities that will stockpile waste at landfills.

    Commenting on the signing of the Memorandum, Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Kistion stressed that the problem of waste management had required quick and effective decisions. "And the signing of the Memorandum is the implementation of the commitments made at Government level. We have the result. The Memorandum is a vivid example of cooperation between local authorities and the Government", said the Vice Prime Minister.

    In turn, head of Lviv regional state administration Oleh Syniutka stressed that the signing of the Memorandum had become possible owing to the direct participation of the Prime Minister in solving the issue. "The Government have had a series of meetings, and today we have a Memorandum, which defines the principles, timeframe and financial resources to address the issue of waste management in Ukraine", said Oleh Syniutka.

    The Memorandum signed on April 21 in particular provides for the following: Lviv regional administration shall establish a public council to control garbage removal from the city; to choose on the competitive basis investors for the construction and exploitation of complexes of utilization (recycling) of solid waste in Lviv region, as well as for building of utilization systems, for coordinating work on the removal and disposal of waste from the city of Lviv. Lviv regional council is obliged to allocate funding in 2017 and 2018 from the regional environmental protection fund for the improvement of the logistics base and remediation of landfills stockpiled with waste. Among other things, Lviv municipal council shall allocate funds from the local budget in 2017 to the tune of UAH 70 million and another sum worth UAH 70 million in 2018 for improving the logistics base and remediation of landfills stockpiled with waste, and for concluding agreements with local governments and enterprises that deal with solid waste landfills for a period of 24 months to ensure proper disposal of solid waste accumulated in Lviv.