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  • Amendments to the Constitution in the part of decentralization
    Information and Communication Department of the Secretariat of the CMU, posted 20 June 2019 04:20

    The decentralization reform is one of the most important for building a strong, democratic and European Ukraine. In 2014 I had the privilege to present the concept of this reform which gave green light to its start. During this time we have come a long way. For the first time in the years of Independence, the community received resources, powers, the ability to determine the path of development itself. The reform was put into practice in order to revive Ukrainian cities and villages,  to improve the quality of life so that people finally feel that they can influence the government.

    Today, our obligation  is to make these changes irreversible, to protect decentralization, to build a fully-fledged system of local self-government in Ukraine. That is why it is necessary to enshrine decentralization in the Constitution. The proposed project, which we put forward for discussion, was developed based on our own and international experience, according to experts and community representatives. I hope that after discussion our draft amendments to the Constitution will be adopted by the new Parliament and this will be an important step towards Ukraine's success.

    Prime Minister of Ukraine                Volodymyr Groysman

    Amendments to the Constitution in the part of decentralization