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  • Changes to the Constitution are an antivirus for decentralization, says Hennadii Zubko
    Service of the Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine, posted 27 June 2019 13:18

    Without amendments to the Constitution, decentralization will always be an unfinished reform, which can be abandoned. The tangible materialization of results in communities has begun, but the main goal is creating conditions for the development of human potential in education, healthcare, culture, the system of services provision and, finally, the creation of an investment climate. This is just the purpose of amending the Constitution in the sector of decentralization. We are talking about global transformations at the state level, about a New Future of Ukraine.

    Hennadii Zubko, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister for Regional Development, Construction, Housing and Communal Services of Ukraine, emphasized on his blog for the Tsensor Internet edition.

    The official clearly stated that the continuation of decentralization is now the most critical. And this requires courage, perseverance, and clear stance of those who stand for the final implementation of the launched large-scale reforms.

    "It is about the changes that make it possible to affect the future of the State. Efficiency should be the main criterion for central and local governments alike. I believe, amending the Constitution will become a powerful antivirus for decentralization", said Hennadii Zubko.

    According to him, two directions of changes have been developed, which are aimed to cardinally trigger the entire administrative system in the country.

    The first is the complete transfer of executive power to the level of communities, districts, and regions. This will give a clear understanding to the Ukrainians, who and for what is responsible in the country. Only then, local government will have the opportunity to provide residents with high-quality and affordable public services. To fulfill these authorities, the amount of financial resources is guaranteed, while the adoption of the Law "On Service in Local Governments" will provide a new quality of managerial decisions.

    A link of state administrations will be eliminated, duplication of functions will be eliminated as well, as also the conflict between the district level and the communities. On the territory covered by communities, the powers of the district level are abolished. It must combine not less than 150 thousand citizens and several communities. They (communities) will have new powers in accordance with the Law "On the Principles of the Administrative-Territorial Structure".

    The second is the establishment of the prefects, who will act as the arbitrators of the legitimacy of the actions of local authorities. It is an absolutely new, adopted from Europe institution. It is them who are able to replace the heads of administrations whose functional responsibilities no longer correspond to the reform. In addition, the prefect will protect the rights and freedoms of citizens, oversee the activities of local self-government bodies and ensure the implementation of state programs. Two hundred years of experience in the functioning of the prefects in France has proved that such a system is justified, effective and capable.

    According to the Deputy Prime Minister, the implementation of amendments to the Constitution is a community-bound project that needs resources, training of staff and that is critical to develop now.

    "Changes to the Constitution are a real antivirus against the conflict between the branches of government, against regional corruption, against the politicization of local governments, against ineffective local managers, against vulnerability to any political turmoil. By introducing these changes, we will transfer Ukraine to a whole new level of development of democracy, the protection of the rights and freedoms of Ukrainians, and ultimately - to a new level of quality of life. We will make Ukraine a truly European state!" said Hennadii Zubko.