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  • Housing and communal services are basic and the most important for people, says Hennadii Zubko
    Service of the Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine, posted 14 March 2019 12:22

    The decentralization reform allows the country to modernize enterprises providing housing and communal services. And today, the quality of these services, which are basic and most important for the people, is vital. This was emphasized by the Deputy Prime Minister/ Minister of Regional Development, Construction, Housing and Communal Services of Ukraine Hennadii Zubko in Zhytomyr during the festive events dedicated to the Day of the employee of housing and communal services.

    "The decentralization reform has become a core reform in Ukraine. The regions got finance, opportunities and powers that allowed utility companies to modernize and achieve the ambition. Speaking about the growth of local budgets, in 2014, with the beginning of the decentralization reform, Zhytomyr had UAH 300 million, and by the end of 2018, it had a figure of UAH 1.5 billion. In addition to financing from local budgets, the city leveraged investments from the World Bank, the Swiss government to modernize housing and communal services sector. And I hope that these projects will be successfully implemented and in the first place will ensure a good service", said Hennadii Zubko.

    According to the Deputy Prime Minister, currently, the quality of services in various sectors, such as education, medicine, and the provision of administrative services is essential.

    "Meanwhile, utility services are an essential and the closest to the people. And their quality implies respect for the person who pays the services. Therefore, we now want to see ambitious cities that carry out reforms and retrofit utilities. And the main directions in this are the modernization of communal enterprises, the establishment of the institution of responsible owner, thermal modernization and energy efficiency in the residential sector", said Hennadii Zubko.

    The Government official added that monetization of subsidies is also an important element for energy efficiency. "People will always pay for a quality service. And it is the monetization of subsidies that removes the energy efficiency barrier for households. After all, now people will consider what to consume and how to save on utility services."

    On the occasion of the holiday, Hennadii Zubko awarded the residents of the region with the diplomas of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and wished all the employees of the housing and communal services enterprises health, success and demonstrate respect for people, "Each of you today prevents those critical situations that arise in our cities. But I want to wish all those who work from morning till the break of the day, instead of settlement critical situations, just get rid of the phrase "problems in housing and communal services." Just remain the people who provide a high-quality service. And we will exert every effort to pursue the policy of reforms, create an institution of the responsible owner in the residential sector, modernize the water supply channels and build up the country that meets the standards of the European state."