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  • Grain Initiative: russia continues to block food for the world

    Since the beginning of July, six vessels have departed from the Black Sea ports, carrying a total of only 215,000 tonnes of agricultural products.

    Currently, the port of Odesa is in the process of loading 85,000 tonnes of grain destined for Egypt. These are the last two bulk carriers that were awaiting loading.

    Additionally, there is no longer a fleet available for loading at the Port of Chornomorsk. The last ships carrying agricultural products were dispatched to China and Tunisia last week. The Pivdennyi port has been closed for over two months because the russians “cross out” all the ships that go there.

    Since June 26, the russians have refused to conduct inspections of ships heading to Ukrainian ports for loading. As a result, 29 vessels, which were supposed to deliver over 1.4 million tonnes of agricultural products to Asian and African countries, are currently blocked in Turkish territorial waters.

    “Ukrainian agricultural products play a significant role in global food security. A complete shutdown of Ukrainian grain exports via sea routes will lead to higher food prices and exacerbate the crisis in impoverished nations. The international community and our partners understand this.

    For the past few months, the grain corridor has been practically closed. We are currently working with our partners to ensure that Ukrainian grain enters the markets in the necessary volume for the world.

    We have always fulfilled and are ready to continue to fulfil the obligations that we assumed when we signed the grain agreement. Furthermore, we urge the international community to comply with international maritime law and ensure unhindered trade navigation,” stated Oleksandr Kubrakov, Deputy Prime Minister for Restoration of Ukraine and Minister for Communities, Territories and Infrastructure Development.

    Between June 1 and July 10, only 70 inspections of vessels (both incoming and outgoing fleets) took place out of the planned 150 inspections due to russia’s refusal to conduct them. The next inspection is scheduled for July 14, with only the incoming fleet remaining in the inspection area.

    Since August 1, 2022, Ukrainian farmers have exported over 33 million tonnes of agricultural products to 45 countries worldwide.