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  • Grain Initiative: 80,000 tonnes of Ukrainian food wheat will be shipped to the needs of countries on the verge of famine
    Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine, posted 12 November 2022 18:50

    Two bulk carriers chartered by the United Nations World Food Program have entered the ports of Odesa to load wheat for the people of Ethiopia, Yemen and Afghanistan.

    In the port of Odesa, 40,000 tonnes of Ukrainian wheat for Ethiopia are loaded on the bulk carrier BOZBURUN M. In the port of Chornomorsk, the same amount of wheat for Yemen and Afghanistan will be shipped by the bulk carrier GOKOVA M.

    Also on November 12, in the framework of the Grain Initiative, 2 vessels with 27,000 tonnes of agricultural products left the port of Chornomorsk to deliver cargo to Asian countries.

    Currently, 33 vessels are being loaded with 920,000 tonnes of Ukrainian agricultural products in the ports of Great Odesa. Today, 2 vessels with 27,000 tonnes of agricultural products for Asian countries left the port of Chornomorsk.

    Since September 1, 444 vessels have left the ports of Great Odesa, exporting 10.3 million tonnes of Ukrainian food to Africa, Asia and Europe.