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  • Statement by Government members
    Information and Communication Department of the Secretariat of the CMU, posted 05 February 2019 15:15

    The Government of Ukraine is concerned about unprecedented pressure being recently exerted in various ways to halt efforts taken by the team of the Ministry of Healthcare headed by acting Minister Ulana Suprun to reform the healthcare sector.

    Since assuming office, this team has declared war on corrupt schemes that have been existing in this area for years, and this step, in our opinion,  is the main reason why this campaign is waged against Ulana Suprun and her team.

    The Ministry of Healthcare with the support of the Government of Ukraine initiated  introduction of changes that had to be implemented long time ago.

    This team is implementing the Government's policy aimed at introducing a program of available medicines, overcoming corruption schemes in the procurement of medicines, reforming the primary health care sector, raising salaries of doctors, introducing new requirements for the quality of medical personnel training, and establishing  a network of cardiology centers. Next things on the agenda are introduction of free medical diagnosis, improvement of the emergency medical care system, development of rural medicine ... The ultimate goal of all these efforts is  real improvement of the quality of medical care and  increase of salaries of medical personnel.

    Today, all these efforts are jeopardized and everything is being done in order to return schemes existing before that have become the causes of today's problems. Therefore, we are extremely concerned about today's decision of the Kyiv District Administrative Court to suspend Ulana Suprun as the Minister of Healthcare. This decision will be appealed in accordance with the legislation, and we will strive for its cancellation in accordance with the procedure established by law.

    We express support to our colleague Ulan Suprun and will continue to make efforts to continue providing Ukrainians with quality medical services.