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  • Bills №2194 and №2195 are a new basis for the development of land relations in Ukraine, says Roman Leshchenko
    Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine, posted 11 February 2021 13:47

    The Parliament is entering the final stretch in passing the key revolutionary laws needed to carry out land reform. Recently, the Agrarian Committee recommended that the Parliament passes bills on the transfer of land to regions and electronic auctions. This was announced by the Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine Roman Leshchenko.

    "Bills №2194 on land decentralization and №2195 on electronic bidding are a new basis for the development of land relations in Ukraine and the future of effective land reform, which will start on July 1. Therefore, I count on the support of MPs in the session hall," Roman Leshchenko stressed.

    The draft law №2194 is aimed to finalize land decentralization, deregulates and deconcentrates the sphere of land relations as much as possible, eliminates corruption risks in land resources management. According to Roman Leshchenko, the bill will become a new land Constitution, which will eliminate a number of corruption components in land relations and increase investment attractiveness.

    The adoption of the bill №2195 will be a real breakthrough in terms of accessibility, transparency, openness in land relations. Key issue is the minimization of corruption risks: transparent and efficient use and disposal of land; digitalization and automation of the industry; informing about land auctions exclusively through electronic auctions and in real time via the Internet; public electronic system of land plots.

    It should be reminded that Roman Leshchenko previously reported that the legislative package of land reform contains about 10 already adopted laws and bills that need to be adopted and almost 40 bylaws. In addition to bills №2194 and №2195, bills such as the Partial Credit Guarantee Fund to increase small farmers' access to flexible financing (№ 3205-2) and the right of employees of state-owned agricultural enterprises to land shares (№ 3012-2) also need to be approved nowadays. Bills currently under development: on land consolidation; regarding the association of water users (for the development of stabilization systems); on the transformation of the institution of permanent use.