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  • In one year we managed to return 80% of the procurement volume to Prozorro: Yuliia Svyrydenko
    Ministry of Economy of Ukraine, posted 19 October 2023 11:14

    In one year of Resolution No. 1178, which regulates the peculiarities of public procurement during martial law from 19 October 2022, UAH 589 billion worth of procurement was announced through the Prozorro system. More than 35,000 suppliers participated in the open tenders, and the difference between the total expected value of the procurement and the amount of signed contracts was UAH 40 billion.

    “The public procurement market plays a crucial role in supporting our entrepreneurs, especially manufacturers and small and medium-sized enterprises. That is why the return to the widespread use of the Prozorro system, despite the conditions of a full-scale war, has become one of the Government's priorities. Today, about 80% of all funds for public procurement are spent through the Prozorro system, which means that businesses have the opportunity to participate in bidding and civil society control,” commented Yuliia Svyrydenko, First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy of Ukraine.

    A year ago, Resolution No. 1178 introduced a number of changes to public procurement rules that adapted the Prozorro system to the conditions of martial law. It is already clear that the average time for holding open tenders has been reduced from 46 to 25 days, and the proportion of unsuccessful tenders has fallen from 40% to 31%. In addition, thanks to the possibility of using Prozorro Market for the procurement of standard goods without any limit on the amount, the volume of procurement through the electronic catalogue has increased 20 times to UAH 8.8 billion.

    “Today we see that many of the changes we developed in Resolution No. 1178 deserve to be retained in the new procurement legislation. The scaling of the Prozorro Market, the correction of errors by participants, the possibility of successfully completing a tender if only one participant has applied for it - these are the rules that have proven to be 100% effective and allow for the most efficient bidding,” said Deputy Minister of Economy Nadiia Bihun.

    In total, 16,500 procuring entities have issued tenders in Prozorro since Resolution No. 1178 came into force, and one in three of them used Prozorro Market for their procurement.