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  • eOselia: Ukrainians borrowed UAH 8 billion in mortgage loans
    Ministry of Economy of Ukraine, posted 06 December 2023 16:36

    Almost 5,500 Ukrainian families have received mortgage loans under the eOselia (eHousing) programme totalling over UAH 8 billion. This was announced by Deputy Minister of Economy of Ukraine Nadiya Bihun.

    “Since the launch of the eOselia programme, Ukrainians have already taken out mortgage loans worth over UAH 8 billion. Almost 5,500 families have been able to buy a new apartment with state support. 65% of mortgage loans were taken out by the service members and law enforcement officers, 12% by teachers and scientists, and 9% by doctors. I would like to remind that representatives of these professions can take out a loan at a preferential rate of 3%. Another 14% of housing loans were granted to Ukrainians on a mass mortgage basis at 7%. Most apartments were purchased in Kyiv region and in the capital, however, people are also actively buying housing under the mortgage programme in Rivne, Vinnytsia, Volyn, Lviv regions, and residents of Kharkiv, Mykolaiv, and Zaporizhzhia regions also have the opportunity to buy a new apartment,” said Nadiya Bihun.

    Last week, Ukrainians received 206 loans worth UAH 308 million under the eOselia programme, including:

    • 104 service members and law enforcement officers, 18 teachers, 17 doctors and 5 scientists received loans at 3%;
    • 53 Ukrainians with no own housing, 7 IDPs, and 2 veterans received loans at 7%.

    Most often, loans were taken to purchase housing on the secondary market (162 loans) and from a developer (39). Five Ukrainians also took out loans to buy apartments under construction.

    Most mortgage loans were taken out by residents of:

    • Kyiv region – 67
    • Kyiv city – 36;
    • Odesa region – 12;
    • Lviv region – 11;
    • Rivne and Dnipropetrovsk regions – 10 each.

    The affordable loan programme is now available to representatives of certain professions and citizens who do not own housing or want to improve its conditions. For contract service members of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, teachers, doctors and scientists, the preferential rate is 3% per annum. For other categories – combatants, veterans, IDPs and other citizens – the mortgage rate is 7%.


    The eOselia programme was launched in October last year. The programme is implemented by the Ministry of Economy jointly with the Ministry of Digital Transformation and Ukrfinzhytlo.