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  • Restoration of destroyed networks and roaming with the EU: Ministry of Digital Transformation will become a central government agency in the telecom sector
    Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, posted 30 June 2023 22:12

    The Government has supported the expansion of the authority of the Ministry of Digital Transformation in the telecom sector. This will allow for more efficient development of communications and the Internet in Ukraine.

    Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, russia has been trying to leave Ukrainians without communication and the Internet. The occupiers have destroyed and damaged a quarter of all networks and more than 3,000 base stations of mobile operators. That is why one of Ukraine's top priorities is to restore communication where necessary. It is also necessary to create conditions for mobile operators and Internet providers to quickly rebuild the telecom infrastructure.

    Since the start of the Ministry's work, telecom development has been a key focus for the team. During this time, the team has succeded in the following:

    • provided more than 1 million Ukrainians in 3,300 villages with high-speed Internet access through the Internet subvention;
    • provided Wi-Fi to more than 7,500 schools, hospitals, emergency services and social facilities;
    • helped to improve 4G mobile communication for 9.3 million citizens in 11,000 settlements;
    • provided 4G coverage to more than 2.7 million Ukrainians in 8,300 cities;
    • provided 3,000 educational institutions with Wi-Fi in shelters;
    • facilitated the launch of national roaming, which 1.5 million Ukrainians used daily during blackouts;
    • provided 42,000 Starlink terminals to help emergency services and critical infrastructure operate smoothly and restore connectivity quickly after de-occupation;
    • helped to restore mobile communications in the de-occupied settlements;
    • saved UAH 800 million for Internet providers in wartime by canceling fees for access to electricity poles;
    • launched an initiative to reserve the numbers of military personnel who were killed or went missing.

    Starting September 1, the Ministry of Digital Transformation will become the central government agency in the telecom sector. The Ministry will be transferred the powers of the State Service for Special Communications, while the agency will focus on the protection of critical infrastructure.

    As the main government agency in the telecom industry, the Ministry of Digital Transformation will have the following functions:

    • facilitate the restoration of the Internet and communications after de-occupation;
    • accelerate the rebuilding of destroyed networks;
    • expand high-speed internet and mobile coverage;
    • introduce 5G and new technologies to improve the quality of services;
    • work on roaming agreements with EU countries;
    • simplify the conduct of telecom business;
    • book employees of telecom companies.

    We continue to work to ensure that Ukrainians stay in touch with their loved ones and have the opportunity to work, study and learn news from anywhere, even in wartime.