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  • Cabinet of Ministers approves decisions necessary for pursuing two major environmental reforms

    The Cabinet of Ministers has approved the decisions necessary to continue implementing two major environmental reforms.

    The Government endorsed:

    • The procedure for developing regional waste management plans. This document establishes unified approaches to strategic waste management planning in the regions of Ukraine. "In fact, we take another step to make the large-scale 'waste' reform finally work in our country. To do this, it is essential to determine the most optimal waste management models for each region, the real needs, the necessary infrastructure, technologies and methods at the very beginning of the journey. Such planning will form the basis of a top-level national plan. This is one of the requirements of the framework law 2320-IX, which will come into force on July 9, this year," commented Ruslan Strilets, Minister of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources.
    • The procedure for maintaining the State Register of Special Permits for Subsoil Use. "We are almost at the finish line in the regulatory support of the subsoil use reform in Ukraine. We are currently transferring the administration of special permits to the digital domain. This is necessary so that Ukrainians learn about how Ukrainian resources are used not from the media, but can get reliable information in a single register - about each land plot, each beneficiary and permit holder. And investors would have free access to all geological information and be able to obtain permits and plan their activities quickly and without unnecessary bureaucracy," the Minister said.

    According to him, the simplification of administrative processes will affect the investment attractiveness of the industry and at the same time ensure the rational use of natural resources.

    Therefore, we continue to implement European approaches and standards in the field of Ukrainian environmental protection.