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  • Government has launched a pilot project to implement the first phase of the Unified Social Information System
    Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine, posted 11 November 2020 16:18

    Today, at a Government meeting, a pilot project was launched to implement the first phase of the Unified Information System to ensure the execution of the Strategy for Digital Transformation of the Social Sphere, as informatization processes in social protection institutions are mostly ill-coordinated and with varying efficiency.

    Currently, the first stage of electronic services of a social nature has been introduced, in particular, through the "Diia" (Action) Portal and scaling up the work of the Pension Fund of Ukraine in the direction of developing information technologies and systems for the entire social sphere. One of the main tasks is to create a Unified Social Register on the basis of the Register of Insured Persons and to form it in such a way that, if necessary, it can be used as conveniently as possible by other state registers.

    The technologies of centralized direct transfer of pensions and other social benefits are undergoing changes and simplifications.

    Applications for state social assistance will be possible in electronic form, in particular:

    assistance for children under guardianship or custody;

    assistance for children of single mothers;

    assistance in the adoption of a child;

    assistance for children with serious illnesses, for a child who has suffered a serious injury, needs an organ transplant, or palliative care;

    state social assistance to persons with disabilities from childhood and children with disabilities.

    In electronic form it will be possible to check and obtain information on the social status of a citizen, according to the Unified Social Register, compulsory state social insurance, pension certificate and pension file, according to Register of Insured Persons, disability of a person (group, subgroup, cause of disability and term for its assignement).

    And also, if necessary, to form online a certificate on the salary, the paid insurance premiums, the size of pension.

    By December 1, 2020, the Ministry of Digital Transformation together with the Ministry of Social Policy will submit to the Cabinet of Ministers a draft Regulation on the Unified Information System of the Social Sphere.