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  • Government has passed a resolution on the installation of oxygen stations in 'COVID' hospitals
    Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine, posted 24 November 2021 14:18

    The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has adopted a resolution "Some issues of centralized procurement of oxygen stations", which stipulates for the purchase and provision of healthcare facilities that provide care to patients with COVID-19, with oxygen stations. The relevant decision was made during a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers on November 24.

    The decision is due to the need to increase the capacity of hospitals to provide inpatient care to patients with COVID-19.

    "Currently, all hospitals that provide care for patients with COVID are fully supplied with oxygen. There are 26 enterprises in Ukraine that produce an estimated total volume of oxygen for hospitals in the amount of 436 tons per day. Since January 2021, 2,458,700 tons of liquid and gaseous oxygen have been used by medical institutions. And this allowed providing treatment for 496,391 patients. But the coronavirus is very insidious, and the course of the disease from one wave to another has its different characteristics. In the current wave, we are recording a 5-6 times increase in oxygen consumption by one patient. Therefore, the additional installation of oxygen stations will allow us to avoid a critical shortage of oxygen due to its autonomous generation in case of even greater amount of hospitalized patients," said Minister of Health Viktor Liashko.

    The oxygen station is the hospital's system for generating oxygen from the ambient air, which supplies high-pressure oxygen throughout the hospital through a centralized piping system from a single generator. It requires a point of connection to the mains of the required capacity and ensures the oxygen independence of the hospital.

    Installation of oxygen stations is also advisable in hospitals where there are other sources of oxygen, such as oxygen cylinders or cryogenic gasifiers. Thus, hospitals will have an alternative source of oxygen and will not depend on interruptions in the supply of liquid and gaseous oxygen.

    It should be noted, the President Volodymyr Zelenskyy signed the law which provides for the allocation of an additional UAH 800 million for the equipment of hub hospitals by oxygen stations.