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  • Government is consistent with the policy of destroying the shadow markets, says Oleksiy Honcharuk
    Communications Department of the Secretariat of the CMU, posted 10 January 2020 22:36

    Prime Minister Oleksiy Honcharuk held a conference call with heads of regional state administrations, during which the participants focused on the fight against the shadow markets.

    “Shadow schemes are funds stolen from every Ukrainian citizen. A year of 2020 will be the year of the unshadowing of the Ukrainian economy. We have already started with illegal filling stations, gambling. We are adding wood accounting to the focus,” the Prime Minister said at the beginning of the meeting.

    Oleksiy Honcharuk noted that last December the Cabinet of Ministers had adopted a number of decisions in this direction. In particular, the resolution “On Approval of the Procedure for Monitoring Internal Consumption of Domestic Raw Timber and Control of Excessive Domestic Consumption of Domestic Unprocessed Timber ” was adopted, which provides for mandatory electronic timber accounting.

    “Today, all state forestry enterprises belonging to the management of the State Forest Resources Agency and the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine are connected to the electronic accounting system. However, of the 187 permanent forestry users of communal property, only 69 are connected to the electronic accounting system. This is unacceptable. The lack of electronic accounting of timber logging allows for the legalization of unlawfully harvested timber through falsification of documents of origin,” Prime Minister Oleksiy Honcharuk emphasized.

    The Head of Government has given a commission to tighten controls in the process of transportation of rough timber by cars.

    In addition, the PM stressed the need for joint action by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the State Forestry Agency and the State Inspectorate for the prevention and detection of illegal logging in forests, as well as the proper investigation of cases of illegal logging, with subsequent prosecution of perpetrators.

    The Prime Minister has tasked the State Forest Resources Agency, other permanent forest users, with making available on their official websites information on the state of cases of violation of law.

    On the outcomes of the teleconference, the Prime Minister instructed the heads of regional and Kyiv city state administrations, with the participation of representatives of local self-government bodies, to intensify work on the introduction of electronic accounting of timber harvested in the forests of communal property by permanent forest users, as well as to work on an issue on securing to permanent forest users the forests owned by nobody.

    It should be noted that about 12% of the forest fund of Ukraine is managed by local governments, which harvest about 2 million cubic meters of wood. At the same time, 7.5% of the forest fund is not assigned to permanent forest users, accordingly, isn’t protected, hence no accounting of this wood is carried out.

    Among the topics for discussion during the conference call were the results of counteraction to the gambling business. More than 5,300 illegal establishments have been closed since December 2019, when the Government decided to prevent illegal activities under the guise of “lotteries”.

    Oleksiy Honcharuk instructed the heads of the RSAs and the National Police to continue the fight in this direction, in particular, to take all measures to prevent the advertising of illegal gambling and to intensify measures to prevent illegal gambling from getting online.

    Meanwhile, the Prime Minister emphasized on the intensification of the fight against illegal petrol stations. The SFS (State Fiscal Service) and the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) must continue inspections while the local authorities to develop a deeper involvement in the process within the working groups activities.

    Government is consistent with the policy of destroying the shadow markets, says Oleksiy Honcharuk Government is consistent with the policy of destroying the shadow markets, says Oleksiy Honcharuk