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  • Cabinet of Ministers supported a draft law on the protection of intellectual property rights
    Ministry of Economy of Ukraine, posted 09 June 2021 15:21

    On June 9, the Government at its regular meeting approved the draft law "On Copyright and Related Rights", which provides for a comprehensive settlement of relations related to the acquisition, protection and defense of copyright. The document is aimed at adapting the legislation of Ukraine in the field of copyright and related rights to the EU standards.

    The said draft law envisages the following changes:

    • Simplification of the procedure for rights holders to remove illegal content on Internet websites and extend this procedure to all objects of copyright and related rights;
    • anticipation of automatic acquisition by employers and customers of rights to computer programs and databases created as official works or within the framework of order contracts;
    • expansion of cases of free use of objects of copyright and related rights in the interests of society;
    • obtaining the right to conclude licensing agreements on the basis of a public offer;
    • strengthening the protection of non-original databases, objects created with the help of artificial intelligence, traditional expressions of culture.

    Adoption of the  draft law will allow to bring contractual relations of Ukrainian legislation to the EU standards, the implementation of interaction of collective management organizations with right holders and users and strengthening liability for violations in the field of copyright and related rights.