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  • Government allocates UAH 200 million for the purchase of medicines and medical supplies to provide quality care for the military in Feofaniya
    Ministry of Health of Ukraine, posted 16 March 2024 10:09

    The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has adopted a resolution "On Approval of the Procedure for Using the Funds Provided for in the State Budget for Medical Care and Social Rehabilitation of Military Personnel at Feofaniya Clinical Hospital".

    The Procedure regulates the use of UAH 200 million allocated in the state budget for 2024 for the Ministry of Health to rehabilitate the military. The funds will be directed to the procurement of medicines and medical devices necessary for medical care and social rehabilitation of military personnel at the Feofaniya Clinical Hospital under a transparent procurement procedure using an electronic catalogue.

    The aforesaid e-catalogue operates on the principle of a marketplace and is free of charge for customers providing an opportunity to purchase medicines and medical devices quickly and conveniently using the request for proposals tool. In the context of limited funding, this will allow procurement of medicines and medical devices with an estimated average monthly savings of 20.4% compared to possible procurement without the use of an electronic catalogue.

    The right to receive medical care and rehabilitation at the institution is granted to military personnel as well as rank-and-file and senior officers who have been injured, contused or otherwise damaged in connection with the armed aggression of the russian federation against Ukraine.

    It should be noted that Feofaniya Clinical Hospital has a substantial material and technical base, which allows it to apply the latest treatment methods for the recovery of patients.