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  • Ukrainian seaports reached a record high in the transshipment of cargo, says Vladyslav Kryklii
    Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine, posted 12 December 2019 12:04

    For the first time in the last 10 years, the volume of transshipment of cargo in the seaports of Ukraine has exceeded 150 million tons. The record high was recorded on December 11, 2019. In total, for the 11 months of this year, ports have already transshipped by almost 9 million tons more than in the whole of 2018. This data was provided by the Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority of Ukraine (USPA).

    The Minister of Infrastructure Vladyslav Kryklii noted that such volumes require improvement of logistics: "Today, the transshipment of cargo at the seaports of Ukraine for the first time in the last 10 years has reached the mark of 150 million tons. Three quarters (75%) of this volume makes up the export of products of Ukrainian enterprises. Import - 16% Transit 7% The lion's share of transshipment is the output of the agro-industrial complex - 41%, as well as the extractive industry - 23% (ore). The record volume of transshipment is not only the progress of manufacturers, carriers, stevedores and porters - this is a challenge for the industry as a whole. Transport infrastructure must be prepared to cope with new workloads and we can already see bottlenecks in logistics and engage in activities to address them. We are marching towards new horizons."

    "Over the 11 months of 2019, the seaports of Ukraine have transhipped over 144.3 million tons. This exceeds by almost 9 million tons the volumes of 2018. And during 11 days of December, we have managed to reach a record showing of 150 million tons. The volume of transportation along the Dnipro River is also increasing. According to the results of November, the growth is 1.7 million tons. All this is the result of the coordinated work of shippers, shipowners, stevedores, agents and the USPA," commented the results of the work the Head of the USPA Raivis Veckagans.

    The most dynamic – by over 30% - an increase is demonstrated in the sector of transshipment of grain cargoes and ore. The volume of grain transshipment in January-November 2019 amounted to 48.8 million tons, while ores - 33.6 million tons. It exceeds last year's figures and the volume of container transportation.

    Four seaports-leaders by volume of transshipment in Ukraine a month earlier surpassed the performance they had demonstrated as a result of the whole of 2018. In January-November the Sea Commercial Port Yuzhny transshipped 48.5 million tons. This is by 26% more than in the first 11 months of last year and by 5.8 tonnes more than the annual transshipment in 2018. Mykolaiv Sea Commercial Port shows an increase of 16.5% or 30.2 million tons compared to 11 months of last year and has exceeded the showing for the whole of 2018. The Sea Port of Chernomorsk also surpassed the transshipment performance of last year. Over 11 months, 23.6 million tonnes (+ 22% against the similar period of 2018) were transhipped in the port. Odessa Sea Port exceeded last year's transshipment by more than 1.3 million tons. Over 11 months, more than 23 million tons of cargo (+ 18% up against 11 months of 2018) have been handled in the port.

    Ukrainian seaports reached a record high in the transshipment of cargo, says Vladyslav Kryklii