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  • Ukraine and Turkey sign Agreement on mutual exchange of driver’s licenses
    Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, posted 03 February 2020 18:19

    The Agreement on Mutual Recognition of Rights stipulates that citizens of Ukraine and Turkey who are legal residents in the territory of both countries will be able to exchange their national driving licenses for similar documents of the country of residence.

    Similar agreements were already signed and are in effect between Ukraine with Italy and Spain. Such a deal is planned to ink with France as well.

    The relevant document was signed by the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov and the Deputy Minister of the Interior of Turkey Muhterem İnce. It is expected that the new rules will come into force in half a year.

    Arsen Avakov noted that Turkey is a long-term strategic partner of Ukraine, and there is a significant dynamic in bilateral relations.

    "The Ukrainian-Turkish Strategic Partnership provides for the systematic coordination of our countries' actions in all areas, including the civil security sector and the fight against crime," the Minister said.

    Arsen Avakov stressed that the Agreement on the mutual exchange of driving licenses is another proof of productive collaboration. The new agreement allows citizens of Ukraine and Turkey to exchange their national driver's licenses in a simplified manner - without having to repass exam. It will also alow to avoid additional financial expenses. "Moreover, we are planning that the next stage of deepening cooperation will be the opportunity to travel to Turkey by ID passport," the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine added.

    It should be noted that during the meeting in September 2019, Ukraine and Turkey agreed on mutual recognition of driving licenses.