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  • Ukraine and Norway will deepen cooperation, including in areas of renewable energy and energy efficiency, says Serhii Savchuk

    The Head of the State Agency of Ukraine for Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving Serhii Savchuk took part in a discussion with the Norwegian business of the potential of economic cooperation between the two countries, as well as valid and prospective investment projects, including in clean energy sector.

    Among the priority areas of the partnership are energy efficiency and renewable energy.

    Cooperation with Norway, the energy balance as a result of which in 2016 already had about 70% of green energy, will be an invaluable contribution to the achievement by Ukraine of a target of 25% of clean energy in 2035.

    Apart from that, the participants of the meeting noted the importance of the widespread introduction of green projects to ensure energy decentralization - the basis for the development of economically strong, energy independent and prosperous Ukrainian communities.

    While considering the potential of Norwegian energy companies in Ukraine, the parties drew attention to legislative incentives and the planned transition to a system of auctions that would form a transparent competition on the market.

    It is important that more than 50 Norwegian companies already work in Ukraine, including in the green energy sector. The planned volumes of Norwegian investments in this area reach hundreds of millions of dollars.

    In particular, the Norwegian company NBT plans to take part in the installation of a 250 MW wind power plant in Kherson region. The total volume of investments will be approximately EUR 370 million.

    The possibility of building a wind farm with a total capacity of 750 MW in Zaporizhzhia region is also considered. The total volume of investments makes up EUR 1.2 billion.

    Representatives of business and international organizations, in particular: Scatec Solar, AICE Hydro, DNV-GL, Norsk Solar, Pro Energy, and others took part in the discussion of potential joint clean energy projects.