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  • In August, Ministry of Energy handed over 258 tonnes of humanitarian aid from 18 countries to energy companies
    Ministry of Energy of Ukraine, posted 06 September 2023 13:41

    In August, the Ministry of Energy of Ukraine handed over humanitarian supplies and equipment from 32 donors from 18 countries totalling about 258 tonnes for the needs of the energy sector. 

    The donors include energy companies, government agencies and organisations from the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Sweden, Italy, Denmark, Slovenia, France, Norway, Switzerland, Finland, Poland, Latvia, Belgium, Japan, the Czech Republic, Lithuania and Romania. 

    The equipment provided includes transformers, generators, vehicles, cables and other equipment needed to repair and restore the energy infrastructure affected by hostile attacks.

    "Ukraine is undergoing the massive campaign in its history at energy facilities and oil and gas infrastructure. The equipment provided by our international partners helps us restore energy facilities damaged by russian terrorists and prepare for the upcoming heating season, which is likely to be no less challenging than the previous one. We are grateful to our friends for this assistance," said Minister of Energy of Ukraine German Galushchenko. 

    The aid received from the donors was distributed among 26 companies in the electricity, coal, oil and gas, as well as nuclear sectors.