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  • Government compensates entrepreneurs UAH 126 million for employing more than 10,000 IDPs
    Ministry of Economy of Ukraine, posted 06 September 2023 13:43

    Since the beginning of 2023, the State has paid UAH 126 million in compensation to entrepreneurs who have hired internally displaced persons. This was announced by Deputy Minister of Economy of Ukraine Tetiana Berezhna.

    "Almost 6,000 entrepreneurs have received compensation from the Government since the beginning of the year for employing 10,300 Ukrainians who were forced to move from dangerous regions of the country. To help IDPs adapt to their new location as quickly as possible and find a job to provide for themselves and their families, we encourage businesses to hire such employees. In total, employers have already received UAH 126 million in compensation for employing IDPs this year," said Tetiana Berezhna.

    She also reminded that the programme of financial incentives for entrepreneurs who hire IDPs is only one of a set of measures taken by the Government to support certain categories of citizens and improve the situation on the labour market. In particular, businesses can also receive compensation from the state for hiring people with disabilities, people of pre-retirement age, combatants, and young people, including for their first job. In addition, the Government has recently introduced a programme to reimburse employers for the costs of arranging workplaces for people with disabilities of groups I and II in the amount of up to UAH 100,500.

    As reported earlier, the Government introduced a programme to encourage entrepreneurs to hire IDPs in April 2022. The programme aims to accelerate the adaptation of people who were forced to move to safer regions and increase employment among the population. For each employed IDP, the State pays compensation to the employer in the amount of the minimum wage (UAH 6,700) during two months.

    In 2022, more than 10,000 entrepreneurs took advantage of the programme. They received a total of UAH 200 million in compensation from the state for hiring almost 18,000 IDPs.