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  • In the framework of the eighth deregulation session, the Government approved new criteria for identifying risks for business inspections
    Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine, posted 06 March 2019 14:40

    On March 6, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, in the framework of the eighth meeting devoted to deregulation, set new criteria for determining the risks for carrying out state inspections of business in certain spheres.

    "The Government continues to reform the sectors of public supervision and inspection. As an outcome, we expect to get the result when public inspections of business will be carried out in line with clear criteria for determining the risks in those enterprises where there exist real and objective risks from their activities. We should understand that the state inspection is first and foremost necessary in order to reduce the level of man-made environmental hazards, life-threatening risks and any other risks in the conduct of business, and not just to fix one and the same violations just as a fact", said Maxym Nefiodov, First Deputy Minister of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine in his statement.

    The proposed by the Ministry of Economic Development risk-oriented approach to inspections allows for:

    • establishment of clear requirements for determining the degree of risk from the conduct of such activities;

    • a more detailed and systematic approach to the assessment of the activities of business entities;

    • ensuring optimal redistribution of the attention of state supervision (control) bodies from those entrepreneurs whose activities pose less risk to those with activities posing more risk;

    • promotion of the improvement and simplification of the state supervision system, increasing the objectivity, transparency, and impartiality of the implementation of state supervision (control) measures.

    The risk-oriented approach to carrying out business inspections by public controlling authorities involves expanding the list or, on the contrary, lifting the risk criteria for certain areas of activity.

    New criteria for determining the degree of risk are introduced in the following areas:

    • activities aimed at reducing the consumption of tobacco products and their harmful effects on the health of the population (for example, inspection of cafes and restaurants to reveal whether they abide by the rules for the organization of special smoking areas);

    • provision of biological and genetic safety for agricultural plants in the process of the creation, research and practical use of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) at agricultural enterprises;

    • legally regulated metrology;

    • safety on rail transport.

    The acts have been developed with the support of the Better Regulation Delivery Office (BRDO).

    The expected result of implementing such changes will be the redistribution of control authorities' efforts and more efficient use of the resources, reduction of pressure on business, and reduction of risks for the population and consumers of goods and services.