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  • This year 200 emergency hospital admissions units will be equipped
    Communications Department of the Secretariat of the CMU, posted 29 January 2020 12:28

    The Government approved the plan for the implementation of the  Concept of emergency medicine development, which envisages equipping  200 hospital admissions units.

    "At present, emergency medicine system is flawed and does not provide timely, high quality and effective response. We can no longer afford to lose the lives of our people because of the inefficient operation of the such a system. The Government's goal this year is to save as many lives of citizens  as possible," Prime Minister Oleksiy Honcharuk emphasized.

    The plan of realization of the Concept of development of the emergency medicine encompassess:

    - a fundamentally new algorithm for pre-hospital categorization of emergency medical care calls, which requires improvement of dispatcher services activities;

    - a new model for the distribution of job responsibilities among  medical staff;

    - introduction of modern standards of hospital care for patients in urgent medical conditions, as well as ensuring compliance with these standards;

    - Improving emergency response planning approaches to interagency collaboration, analysis and forecasting of healthcare facilities.

    This year 200 emergency hospital admissions units will be equipped