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  • Situation in energy system as of March 7
    Ministry of Energy of Ukraine, posted 07 March 2024 10:04

    Situation in the power system as of March 7: no electricity shortage is registered - 7 units of TPP generating equipment are in reserve; more than 200 consumers in Sumy are without gas due to shelling


    There is no shortage of electricity registered in the power system. Three TPP units were short-term out of service for emergency repairs, and after the issues were resolved, two units were returned to operation and one was put into standby. Also, due to technical problems, a hydrogenerator at one of the hydroelectric power plants was put out for emergency repairs. There are 7 units of TPPs and CHPPs in reserve, which will be put into operation if necessary. Commercial electricity imports and exports are also planned.


    A 35 kV overhead line in Zaporizhzhia district was disconnected after artillery shelling, which resulted in the de-energization of substations and overhead lines and damaged wires.

    A UAV fragment damaged a low-pressure gas inlet pipeline in Sumy, disconnecting two apartment buildings from gas supply, and setting off a fire in one of the apartments. More than 200 consumers were left without gas supply.


    The 330 kV line supplying ZNPP remains de-energized.

    The water level in the cooling pond is 15.54 meters. This is sufficient to meet the needs of the plant.


    For the current day, electricity exports to Poland, Slovakia, Romania, Moldova and Hungary are forecast to reach 12,655 MWh and imports to reach 221 MWh.