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  • Situation in energy system as of 18 March
    Ministry of Energy of Ukraine, posted 18 March 2024 09:39

    At Poland’s request, Ukraine accepted surplus electricity; no shortage is expected


    Yesterday, at the request of Poland, surplus electricity was transferred to the power system of Ukraine, from 11:00 to 15:00, in the total amount of 1,200 MWh.

    A TPP unit was put out of service for emergency short-term repairs, while a CHPP unit was reconnected after short-term repairs. Heat and hydro generation reserves are being used to meet the needs of consumers. Commercial electricity imports and exports are planned.

    The situation is under control. The system is balanced. No blackout schedules are applied.


    Two 110 kV overhead lines in Sumy region were disconnected due to shelling, which cut off power to household consumers and the local CHPP, which was quickly restored. There were no disruptions in heat supply. In two hours, household consumers were supplied with power. Also, due to numerous damages to gas pipelines and houses, nearly 1,400 customers in the border settlement were disconnected from gas supply.

    As a result of the shelling, a 110 kV power line in Kharkiv region was disconnected and a substation supplying household consumers was de-energised. Gas supply systems in apartment buildings were also damaged. As a result, 150 customers were left without gas supply.

    An overhead line in Chernihiv region was disconnected due to hostilities, leaving 370 consumers in six settlements without power.

    Enemy attacks damaged an underground steel gas pipeline in Mykolaiv region. This left 16 customers without gas supply.


    The water level in the cooling pond is 15.52 metres. This is sufficient to meet the plant’s needs.


    For the current day, electricity imports are forecasted at 5,751 MWh. It is also planned to export up to 1,645 MWh.