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  • Situation in energy system as of 17 February: no electricity shortage is observed with available generation reserves, electricity imports and exports planned
    Ministry of Energy of Ukraine, posted 17 February 2024 09:41


    There is no shortage of electricity in the power system. Domestic generation is sufficient to meet the needs of consumers, and commercial electricity imports and exports are planned.

    Two units of thermal power plants were put out of service for emergency repairs, while one unit of thermal power plant was brought back into operation. The company has 12 power generation units in reserve to be used if necessary.


    In Donetsk region, the territory of TPPs was shelled twice in one day. The damage caused equipment malfunctions. There were no power cuts to consumers.

    As a result of hostilities, a low-pressure overhead gas distribution pipeline in Kharkiv district was hit. More than 100 customers were left without gas supply.


    For the current day, electricity imports are forecast to reach 1,843 MWh, while exports are also expected to reach 3,571 MWh.