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  • Serhii Shkarlet told about the salaries of educators and budget for 2021
    Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, posted 28 December 2020 09:37

    From January 1, 2021, salaries of educators will increase by 20%. Compared to April 1, 2020, as of December 1, 2021, the increase will make up 30%. This was announced by Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine Serhii Shkarlet in an interview with Ukrainian Radio.

    Serhii Shkarlet said that the Ministry of Education and Science had prepared a bill on social guarantees for pedagogical and scientific-pedagogical workers in case they contract coronavirus.

    "This proposal has been approved and we expect the President to submit it to the Parliament. I think that when the Parliament works, the President will submit this proposal," the Minister stressed.

    In addition, Serhii Shkarlet said that a draft resolution of the Government has been developed, thereby to envisage an increase in salaries for medical workers of educational institutions by 20%. It is directed for approval to the central executive bodies.

    "We have an absolutely close cooperation with the trade unions on the gradual increase of funding for wages," the Minister stressed.

    Moreover, Serhii Shkarlet added that the education budget for 2021 was the largest since 2012 in the version submitted in the first reading.

    "We received a plus of 50-100% on all indicators, articles and subventions. The cuts that took place between the first and second readings do not depend on the fact that amount of money was reduced for us, but on the fact that the increase in the minimum wage from July 1 was postponed to December 1. That is, it is the difference in transaction costs. Almost nothing was taken away from education sector. They reduced by UAH 500 million, i.e. capital expenditures. But I am confident that during 2021 we will be able to make up for something, redistribute the budget in a certain way, and we will fight for it," summed up the Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine.