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  • Ukraine now has a chance to turn our country around, - Oleksiy Honcharuk at the YES Annual Meeting
    Information and Communication Department of the Secretariat of the CMU, posted 14 September 2019 11:16

    Today, on September 14, Prime Minister of Ukraine Oleksiy Honcharuk made a speech at the Annual Conference Yalta European Strategy in Kyiv. The focus of this year's conference is happiness.

    Here are the key points of the speech:

    For me, happiness is when you can allow to be yourself: be calm, not to be afraid, not pretend to be someone else.

    Our generation has got a chance to change this country forever. Soon you will see who assumes cabinets in Government - more and more young people are coming to power. I do not agree that youth is at a disadvantage - it allows us to look at things from another aspect!

    What’s essential to me is to ensure that the Ukrainian entrepreneurs are not forced to set up non-existent companies and schemes in order to transfer money from the country. That practice should become history and this is one of the challenges for the new Ukrainian Government.

    In my world, a country that wants to work with a civilized portfolio investor must guarantee him the free movement of capital. If there are no limits for capital, the investors will not be afraid to invest in here.

    For me personally, the main indicator of restoring confidence Ukraine will be the fact that not only foreign investors but large Ukrainian businesses start investing in Ukraine!

    The only thing that can hinder is the lack of communication. The most essential challenge for me is to see eye to eye with different groups of influence and society. We have to grow together. If we work independently, we will lose out one and all.

    The only way to achieve our ambitious goals is to learn to communicate with one another and trust one another.

    The new Government, Parliament and President are giving a chance to turn our country around for the better.

    Already on October 29 in Mariupol, we are planning to present a large menu of investment projects, I assure you, that will be a broad-scale event.

    Ukraine now has a chance to turn our country around, - Oleksiy Honcharuk at the YES Annual Meeting