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  • Rustem Umerov: Agreement on Security Cooperation formalises the support that the UK provides and will further provide to Ukraine
    Ministry of Defence of Ukraine, posted 13 January 2024 15:47

    Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Rishi Sunak and President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy have signed an Agreement on Security Cooperation between the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and Ukraine.

    Ukraine's Defence Minister Rustem Umerov said that the agreement on security cooperation formalised the support for a number of programmes that the UK was and would continue to provide, including in the areas of sensitive information sharing, cyber security, medical and military training, and defence cooperation.

    "The Agreement commits the UK to consult with Ukraine in the event of a repeat russian attack on Ukraine and to provide defence support. The G7 countries have agreed to provide Ukraine with bilateral security assurances at the NATO Summit in Vilnius in 2023," Rustem Umerov said.

    The UK is the first country to sign a security agreement as part of bilateral security assurances.

    Prime Minister Rishi Sunak also announced a new GBP 2.5 billion defence aid package for Ukraine. This is the largest aid package since the start of the full-scale invasion.

    At least GBP 200 million of this package will be allocated to the production of combat drones for Ukraine, including reconnaissance, long-range and maritime drones. This will be the largest delivery of drones to Ukraine among all countries.

    The UK will also provide an additional GBP 18 million in humanitarian aid, in addition to the GBP 340 million already allocated. This is assistance to overcome the consequences of russian air strikes and to enhance the protection of energy infrastructure.