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  • Vladyslav Kryklii: River transportation volume should be tripled
    Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine, posted 12 November 2019 13:04

    The volume of river traffic should be increased threefold. This statement was made by Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine Vladyslav Kryklii during the presentation of changes planned to implement in the field of infrastructure and transport by the end of 2019, during 2020 and the following 5 years.

    The implementation of the reform in the field of water transport will become a great impetus for expanding the capabilities of Ukraine's transport infrastructure. "Development of river transportations will allow for reducing traffic congestion and protecting roads from destruction, and will also help to create new jobs by increasing orders for Ukrainian shipbuilding companies", Vladyslav Kryklii emphasized. In 2020, four floodgates aimed to ensure the safety of navigation will be repaired.

    According to the Minister, seaports are essential elements to add to the river, rail and road conveyance in Ukraine. Therefore, the Government pays special attention to the development of the port industry. "Given that the first concession projects are being implemented in the Olvia and Kherson seaports. The next on the agenda are Mariupol, Mykolaiv, Odesa, and the ferry complex in the Chornomorsk seaport. Such a format of public-private partnership will allow us to leverage necessary investments in the industry and provide decent working conditions for people," Vladyslav Kriklii admitted.

    The Minister of Infrastructure placed a special emphasis on changes in the field of aviation, postal services and transition of services into electronic form.

    The increase in the number of citizens using aviation transport should be reached due to the increase in the share of low-cost airlines in the aviation market of Ukraine, in 2020 - up to 45%, and aftermath - up to 63%. There are all the necessary prerequisites for that. Recently, Wizz Air airline has opened flights from Zaporizhia Airport, and the largest Europe's low-cost airline Ryanair has announced the launch of the Kherson-Krakow flight in December 2019. Another step that will allow reducing the cost of domestic flights is optimization of taxation for Ukrainian carriers.

    The Minister of Infrastructure announced plans for the reconstruction and construction of new airports through budget financing in Dnipro, Mukachevo and Izmail. The budget of 2020 encapsulates UAH 1 billion which is 5 times more than in 2019.

    It is also planned to attract funds from private investors to modernize the airports. For this purpose concession projects will trigger in the airports of Kherson, Chernivtsi and Zaporizhia.

    According to the Minister, the procedure for obtaining international status by airports will be simplified. This step will allow ensuring the development of airports, establishing international economic contacts and attracting foreign investment.

    Another top priority on the agenda for the Ministry of Infrastructure is the attraction of a strategic investor for the national postal operator Ukrposhta.

    "As part of the modernization of the company, we are building new distribution centers in Kyiv and Lviv, and we are launching 500 mobile branches. We need to focus on increasing access of Ukrainians living in distant settlements to modern financial services with the help of Ukrposhta", the Minister of Infrastructure said.

    Moreover, Vladyslav Kryklii spoke about new e-services, the implementation of which is part of the President's and Government's plans to develop the state as a service for citizens and businesses. Among those are the introduction of a single e-ticket for all transport means for citizens; e-port + seafarer's electronic cabinet for port industry, electronic consignment note, and e-cabinet of the carrier for businesses.

    Vladyslav Kryklii: River transportation volume should be tripled