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  • Transparency, efficiency, coordination: Ministry of Energy introduces an effective platform for energy companies to receive assistance from partners
    Ministry of Energy of Ukraine, posted 18 January 2024 17:23

    The AidEnergy online platform created by the Ministry of Energy has become an important tool for interaction between international partners and companies in the Ukrainian energy sector.

    In particular, the platform has helped to significantly increase transparency and speed up the procedures for distributing donor assistance.

    Thus, over 13,000 requests have been submitted through AidEnergy and 3,800 items of equipment provided by partners as part of humanitarian aid have been distributed. The platform has virtual profiles of 129 fuel and energy companies and 32 donor representatives.

    "The equipment provided by international partners helps restore energy facilities after hostile attacks and return light and heat to Ukrainian homes. We are improving the mechanisms for the efficient distribution of humanitarian aid to the energy sector to speed up the relevant processes. The AidEnergy online platform has become an effective tool for communication with partners and has significantly accelerated the process of transferring equipment to final recipients," said Energy Minister German Galushchenko.

    The AidEnergy platform was created as a one-stop shop for collecting, updating and informing donors about the needs of energy companies, processing and confirming donor proposals, distributing humanitarian aid and reporting.

    On the platform, representatives of Ukrainian energy companies can view detailed information, photos and equipment specifications. The process is fully digitised, so decisions on the distribution of aid are made by the Ministry of Energy's Working Group as quickly as possible.

    In total, since March 2022, Ukraine has received 954 shipments of humanitarian equipment weighing over 12,700 tonnes.

    The Aid Energy platform was established by the Ministry of Energy of Ukraine with the support of the EBRD Ukraine Stabilisation and Sustainable Growth Multi-Donor Account (Ukraine MDA) in cooperation with the Reforms Delivery Office of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and DiXi Group think tank.