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  • Statement by Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal at Government session
    Communications Department of the Secretariat of the CMU, posted 19 September 2023 14:30

    Distinguished colleagues! Fellow Ukrainians!

    We are starting a regular meeting of the Government.


    At the cost of the incredible professionalism and bravery of our soldiers, Ukraine has now won the strategic initiative in the war against the russian aggressor.

    The enemy still has resources and is still strong.

    To win the war, Ukraine is changing.

    We have created and launched an effective anti-corruption vertical.

    Digitalisation eliminates the human factor and brings public services closer to people at a distance of one click. In two years, its anti-corruption and economic effect has amounted to over UAH 16 billion.

    Deregulation removes bureaucratic barriers. A thousand permits, licences and certificates have been revised. Some will be completely cancelled, some will be simplified, and some will be digitised.

    Today we are to adopt three more important anti-corruption decisions.

    First, we approve the draft law on ratification of the agreement with the OECD.

    Ukraine will join the working group on combating bribery in international business transactions. We already have the status of a potential candidate for membership in the Organisation. Step by step, we are approaching full membership.

    The second decision is to endorse a draft law harmonising our legislation with the standards of the FATF - the International Financial Action Task Force on Money Laundering.

    We are engaged in a dialogue with the FATF on the inclusion of russia in the Blacklist of the Group on financing terrorism. Until this happens, we are regulating the procedure for adding russia to the national list of terrorist countries.

    This draft law also prohibits the provision of funds, assets and economic resources to those included in the list of persons associated with terrorist activities and persons under international sanctions.

    The third decision is to approve the methodology for determining the ultimate beneficial owner of an enterprise. By doing so, we continue to implement FATF standards, fulfil the conditions for receiving macro-financial assistance from the EU and meet our obligations on the way to EU membership.


    Week by week, the Government makes important decisions aimed at rapid integration into the European Union. We are demonstrating our desire to change the country and showing that we are a reliable and equal partner.

    In this case, equal is a fundamental condition for us.

    Last week, the European Commission lifted restrictions on imports of Ukrainian food.

    Unfortunately, our western neighbors - Poland, Slovakia and Hungary - have unilaterally imposed a blockade.

    This is a blow to our economy, to the very principles of the European Union, to global food security

    Ukraine will file a lawsuit with the World Trade Organization against the aforesaid three states.

    At the same time, the Government of Ukraine offers the EU and its neighboring countries a compromise.

    Ukraine will implement effective control and verification measures for the export of 4 groups of goods.

    We will provide the EU and our neighbors with customs data on the export of certain goods and collect data on the final destination of shipments in the electronic queue system.

    Our key proposal is to introduce a verification system for exports of certain agricultural products to 5 EU member states.

    We are discussing this proposal with the European Commission

    Meanwhile, Ukraine has filed a formal request to Poland, Hungary, and Slovakia regarding violations of WTO rules.

    In addition, we are launching an anti-discrimination investigation against the unfriendly actions of these countries in the trade sphere.

    Unless Poland, Hungary, and Slovakia agree to the measures negotiated with the European Commission, Ukraine will impose mirror or reciprocal trade restrictions.

    The most important thing to remember is that we all stand on the same side. On the side of European values and democracy.

    And on the other side is russian terrorism, barbarism and dictatorship.

    Under such circumstances, we have to be united, reinforce each other and counter the enemy together


    Right now we are building the foundation of financial stability for 2024. The draft state budget is already in the Parliament. We look forward to its productive discussion and prompt adoption.

    The budget contains clear and understandable priorities.

    Out of every UAH 1,000 from the general fund of the state budget, UAH 800 will be spent on defence, support for veterans, social benefits, healthcare and education.

    Every hryvnia paid by citizens and businesses in the form of taxes will be directed to the security and defence of our country.

    As for the budget revenues. Just like this year, next year we will need financial support from our partners in the amount of about USD 42 billion.

    We now understand where these funds can be obtained. This is the EU's Ukraine Facility programme, the United States' assistance, the IMF's programme, and the help of our other friends and partners.

    The IMF cooperation programme is the anchor of funding. In 2024, we expect tranches of USD 5.4 billion from the Fund.

    In addition, we have long-term cooperation programmes with Norway and Japan, and we are working with Canada and other partners.

    We already have a vision of how we can secure financing for the next year.

    We will keep working.

    Thank you for your attention! Glory to Ukraine!

    Statement by Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal at Government session