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  • Diia.Digital Education becomes a member of the Google.org Fellowship program and will get USD 2 million from Google.org for the development of digital education in Ukraine
    Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, posted 09 December 2022 11:30

    Google.org will allocate a grant of USD 2 million for the development of digital education in Ukraine with the aim of reskilling Ukrainians, teaching digital literacy, as well as facilitating job search. The project aims to help Ukraine address the issue of unemployment among internally displaced persons and contribute to the economic revival of the country. Google.org will also engage Google.org Fellowship program specialists for technological and communication transformations in the project. The project partner is the East Europe Foundation.

    During the full-scale russian invasion of Ukraine, at least 5 million people lost their permanent job or business. The number of internally displaced persons has increased to 6.5 million.

    Even before the war, the labor market was changing significantly, now the war has increased the relevance of some professions, the requirements for workers and working conditions have changed, so it is extremely important to take such steps:

    • help internally displaced persons to find a job, and people who lost their businesses to reopen them;
    • retrain those Ukrainians whose profession has lost its relevance;
    • help specialists to improve their qualifications in accordance with the modern requirements of the labor market;
    • provide Ukrainians with permanent free access to lifelong learning to make them competitive in the global and domestic labor markets.

    Given Google’s leadership in educational initiatives and innovations, cooperation with Google.org Fellows will allow to significantly update the existing sections of the Diia.Digital Education platform using artificial intelligence tools, personalized recommendations and educational trajectories, as well as create an additional reskilling/upskilling/employment section. It is planned to make the platform inclusive. Thanks to the grant, the development of educational products that teach new digital professions and skills will continue. At the same time, a range of educational programs for creative and working specialties will be created.

    The grant provides for updating the Diia.Digital Education platform, creating an educational application, developing new content, as well as interactive simulations for testing knowledge and skills. The mobile application will make learning more convenient, even in shelters or during massive power outages. As the whole world already knows, Ukraine is unstoppable on the way to building a digital state.

    The platform will be multilingual – in Ukrainian and English. There is no similar platform in the world that could provide a digital education completion rate of more than 70%. Therefore, the functionality of the platform and educational products will be translated into English. This will certainly provide the English-speaking world with a ready-made solution to bridge the digital divide (the difference between the ability to access the network and the desire to use digital technologies).

    “In wartime, Diia.Digital Education will become a platform that allows users to learn new professions and receive personalized job search recommendations. A full-scale war requires a quick response to the market demand for profession and retraining. After all, millions of Ukrainians left their homes, lost their jobs and had to change their profession,” commented Deputy Prime Minister – Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine Mykhailo Fedorov.

    The innovations of the platform include:

    • integration of artificial intelligence elements into the formation of an individual learning trajectory using linear and non-linear approaches;
    • development of interactive simulators that bring the user closer to real situations in the profession;
    • recommendations for reskilling or upskilling based on quiz results;
    • display of recommended vacancies from job search sites.

    “We are committed to supporting the people of Ukraine. And I’m proud that a team of our own employees will be joining Diia’s education team full-time pro-bono for six months. Building off Ukraine’s already strong technology base and our partnership with the East Europe Foundation, we believe this will help ensure Ukrainians are well-prepared for the digital economy of the future,” said Karan Bhatia, Vice-President of Government Affairs and Public Policy.

    The support of Google.org Fellows will allow the Diia.Digital Education project to bring together the best practices of the private and public sectors. The team of the Diia.Digital Education project will work together with experts from the Google.org Fellowship team, many of whom have Ukrainian roots. Google employees, including product managers, software engineers, marketing managers, will help to scale the Diia.Digital Education project as quickly as possible and support the team on a pro-bono basis for six months. At the same time, the edutainment format will be preserved, which has proven its effectiveness.

    “The Diia.Digital Education platform is a unique phenomenon for the whole world. The creation of the Diia.Digital Education application is a big step forward. New series and new platform activities will give Ukrainians advantages in employment. This will reduce unemployment, strengthening the country’s economy in wartime. Translation of key content into English will bring the platform to the international level, helping more people around the world. The strategic support of Google.org is a great help to our country,” said Deputy Minister of Digital Transformation in charge of European integration Valeriya Ionan.

    The success of the Diia.Digital Education project is inextricably linked to the work of volunteers and trainers of digital education hubs. Therefore, a special section is planned to promote digital mentoring and coordination of partner spaces. As a reminder, until February 24, more than 6200 digital education hubs were available at osvita.diia.gov.ua where Ukrainians could study for free.

    “I remember when the Diia.Digital Education national project was just launched in 2020 with the support of Switzerland and the EGAP Program. Back then, it had ambitious goals – to teach digital skills to 6 million Ukrainians. Today, the world’s attention is focused on Ukraine. And not only because of the war, but also because we have something to offer in the field of digital solutions. And we are glad that this initiative is picked up by such powerful partners as Google.org,” said Victor Lyakh, President of the East Europe Foundation.