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  • Private medical clinics engage in the process of retrofitting the healthcare: how it works
    Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine, posted 08 August 2018 12:39

    Deputy Minister of Healthcare of Ukraine Pavlo Kovtoniuk explains why the number of private hospitals engaged in the process of retrofitting the healthcare sector will be growing.

    National Health Service of Ukraine (NHS) is already paying for the health services provided by therapists, family doctors and pediatricians in private clinics.

    "The healthcare reform  is aimed at changing the status quo in medicine. For the first time, we give a green light to the introduction of a new component - competition", the Deputy Minister stressed.

    To make a profit worth UAH 1 billion, a private primary care doctors should receive 14 patients per working day at a price of 300 hryvnias / per visit. It is almost 3500 visits per year. These patients still need to be attracted through advertising and other means, because not everyone is willing to pay such a sum for a visit. A family doctor who works with NHS  can receive a million hryvnias for 1650 patients of different age groups. On average, the doctor will see 15-20 patients per day.