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  • Prime Minister outlines seven key tasks for comprehensive energy sector reform
    Communications Department of the Secretariat of the CMU, posted 21 April 2023 18:52

    Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal has outlined seven tasks in the energy sector that are key to Ukraine’s energy security and energy independence.

    “First. Restoration of the energy system. russian terrorists have destroyed a lot. Therefore, a large-scale campaign to repair, rebuild, construct, reconstruct and protect our energy system is already underway. This applies to both generation and distribution. The reconstruction will be combined with modernisation. We are attracting resources and expertise from partners,” the Prime Minister said.

    The second task, according to the Head of Government, is the decentralisation of the power system, in particular the development of small-scale generation, the increase in rapidly deployable gas-turbine and gas-piston power plants, the introduction of energy storage facilities that accumulate energy, and encouraging Ukrainians to install solar panels along with individual energy storage units. Denys Shmyhal noted that Ukraine would use microgrid and smart grid technologies to better control the load on the power system and respond more effectively to challenges.

    The third is integration with the EU. As the Prime Minister pointed out, Ukraine had a huge potential in the field of electricity exports and imports with the EU countries.

    “The fourth task. Development of clean, green generation. Ukraine will be part of the EU, and therefore part of the European Green Deal. We will continue to use reasonable approaches to stimulate and support green power generation. We will use auctions, certificates of origin and other tools to increase the share of green generation in Ukraine,” the Prime Minister said.

    The fifth task, according to Denys Shmyhal, is the domestic gas production. In his words, Ukraine ranks second in Europe in terms of gas deposits, so we need to ensure that we are completely self-sufficient in gas.

    “We are actively attracting private investors, including the world’s largest companies. We have a working instrument, the Production Sharing Agreement (PSA), and 10 fields are already operating under this mechanism. We are eliminating the scheme of dormant licences. We are developing electronic auctions. We plan to become the ‘gas safe’ of Europe, as Ukraine has the largest gas storage facilities on the continent,” the Head of Government noted.

    The next steps in the future include the development of the Black Sea gas shelf, deposits in the Carpathians, increasing biomethane production and integration into the European hydrogen infrastructure.

    “Sixth. Energy efficiency. Reducing energy consumption in homes, public buildings and throughout the country. The key task is thermal modernisation. The KPI we are currently setting for the responsible teams is to reach the level of 1,500 apartment buildings and 1,000 public buildings per year,” said Denys Shmyhal.

    The seventh task, according to the Prime Minister, is oil refining and oil transportation. In his words, the use of the latest technologies for geological exploration will help increase oil production, while the modernisation of oil pipelines will open up the possibility of transporting oil to Germany, Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic, with the option of importing it to strengthen Ukraine’s energy security.

    Prime Minister outlines seven key tasks for comprehensive energy sector reform