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  • Svitlana Shatalova: First we will unlock the procurement and ensure the maximum transparency and openness of the process
    Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine, posted 23 April 2020 11:26

    Unblocking the medicines and medical equipment procurement process is a priority of the new Ministry of Health leadership. This process should be as open and transparent as possible.

    The Deputy Minister of Health of Ukraine Svitlana Shatalova announced during a daily briefing at the Ministry of Health.

    "Our overriding task is to unlock all procurement processes, ensure the maximum transparency and openness of the process. So that everyone can understand how the medicines are purchased, who is responsible for what direction," Svitlana Shatalova emphasized.

    According to the Deputy Minister, the Ministry of Health is now actively working to provide Ukrainian hospitals with all necessary medicines.

    "And these include the means for the treatment of orphan diseases, oncology, antiretroviral therapy, the drugs used for the treatment of rare diseases," said Svitlana Shatalova, emphasizing that this is a large list that is currently being elaborated.