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  • By monetizing subsidies and raising pensions, the Government implements the law, says Deputy Prime Minister
    Service of the Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine, posted 19 March 2019 12:14

    Monetization of subsidies and indexation of pensions are stipulated by the current legislation of Ukraine, so all speculations about the need to halt to these programs is useless. This was emphasized by Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine Pavlo Rozenko during the teleconference.

    "There are a lot speculations around monetization of subsidies and indexation of pensions. Some politicians began to escalate situation by claiming that these programs should be immediately halted until the  end of elections and after decide what to do further. I want to claim that the Government's position on this issue is unambiguous - we have a clear plan to combat poverty and are not going to listen to any proposals for limiting or reducing pension payments, stopping their indexation, refusing from monetization of subsidies etc. We are committed to raising the standard of living of our citizens now. We will not wait until some politicians win the presidential elections," the Deputy Prime Minister emphasized.

    Pavlo Rozenko stressed that monetization of subsidies is fully in line with the strategy for reforming the system of subsidies. "The process of reforming subsidies has started not yesterday, not one month before the election, not two months ago. We have started this process more than 3 years ago, when a large-scale "revolution" in the system of subsidies was implemented. Certainly, many have forgotten that four years ago, in order to receive a subsidy, it was necessary to make enormous efforts, to fill dozens of pages of various documents and to stand in block-long line. After reforming the subsidy system, we made this process as simple and open as possible. And monetization is in full accordance with the strategy of reforming the system of subsidies", he said.

    "The same thing I want to say about indexation of pensions and implementation of the social initiative of the President of Ukraine on additional payments to pensioners with a long service record who receive a pension less than UAH 1,700 . We act solely within the legislation. This initiative was aired after summarizing the preferential customs clearance of cars on the euro-meters. According to the Law of Ukraine, all extra revenues from customs clearance of cars with European registration numbers are allocated directly to the Pension Fund of Ukraine. On February 22, the preferential treatment was finished,  and on February 25 it was decided that, in order to bring social justice to these funds, we should direct additional pensions to those people who have a long service record but receive a pension less than UAH 1,700.There are enough resources for raising pensions, so we will increase pension payments today", Pavlo Rozenko summed up.