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  • Oleksii Chernyshov: The Great Construction program gives impetus to the country's economic development
    Ministry for Communities and Territories Development of Ukraine, posted 22 February 2021 13:20

    Investments in the equivalent of 2% of GDP in the construction of schools and medical institutions can increase the overall employment rate by 3-4%, which in turn will provide improvement in economic performance.

    In addition, according to Ukraine Economic Outlook, if there was no "Great Construction" program in 2020, the fall in real GDP last year could be twice as large - 8-9%, against the projected minus 5%.

    "The combination of infrastructure and social government projects is the main way to achieve stable development of the regions and the recovery of the national economy," said Oleksii Chernyshov.

    State investment in the development of social infrastructure is also significant support for Ukrainian business. For example, 288 Ukrainian companies in all regions of Ukraine were involved in the implementation of works on 320 projects implemented by the Ministry for Communities and Territories Development within the framework of the Great Construction 2020 Program.

    According to the Minister, in addition to economic benefits, the program of the President of Ukraine "Great Construction" has really shown that the state is able to qualitatively and fairly quickly implement important social projects that contribute to the unification of the country. Thanks to the projects implemented by the Ministry for Communities and Regions Development, 9,500 new school places were created, and almost 66,000 Ukrainian schoolchildren received improved conditions for study. Also, 5,800 new places have been created in kindergartens, and almost 15,000 preschoolers will now be educated in improved conditions. In total, 8,000,000 Ukrainians have gained access to a new quality sports infrastructure.

    At the beginning of autumn last year, work also began on the reconstruction and overhaul of the emergency departments of hub hospitals. And in six months we have managed to complete the construction work in 150 departments, which today are prepared for the installation of specialized equipment, such as computer tomographs and angiographs. The vast majority of these departments, namely 126, are located in hospitals that receive patients with COVID-19 disease.